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Spring 2016 Season Wrap Up – Justin Style

Spring 2016 wrap up

Toasters! I was busy with real world stuff last week and didn’t have time to write up a season wrap up, so without further adieu, here are my thoughts on the shows I finished from the Spring 2016 anime season.

Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia
• Definitely one of my top picks for the season, My Hero Academia continued to impress with every episode. Funimation beautifully adapted the already exceedingly popular shōnen manga. Sporting a very clean and well done animation style, My Hero Academia boasted some wonderful character designs, particularly All Might’s character design, which was very reminiscent of silver age American style comics along with the impressive voice acting performances from the entire cast. Undeniably one of the better recent shōnen series, you can’t help but get hyped up after each marvelously animated fight scene. If you haven’t watched it yet, definitely check it out. Personally, I can’t wait for My Hero Academia season 2! Also go check out my episode by episode review on mouthfuloftoast.com if you want some more in depth information.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 13 Review

Episode 13

Toasters! We’re back for the final episode of My Hero Academia season 1! Thanks to All Might’s Plus Ultra, the raid boss Nomu has been sent flying, but All Might has now hit his limit, is unable to move, and Tomura and Kurogiri are still up and kicking. To top it off, despite Kaminari’s best efforts, some of the villains that surrounded them are still up and kicking, and thanks to his idiot state, he’s now been taken hostage. Jirou tries her best to distract the villain so she can activate her headphone quirk, but unfortunately the villain notices and commands her to stop. He then inches closer to them and we swap to another scene.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 12 Review

Episode 12a

Toasters! Welcome back to the second to last episode of My Hero Academia season 1. Our main man All Might has shown up to save the day. After bursting through the doors of the USJ and setting everyone’s hearts at ease, the grunt villains that are still standing attempt to attack All Might. However, All Might gives a quick jump and incapacitates them all no problem. He then dashes at Midoriya, Mineta, and Tsu, pulling them from the hands of Tomura and Nomu. In the process of saving the students, he knocks off one of the hands attached to Tomura’s body, causing him to go into a panic, but also makes Tomura realize that All Might is getting weaker, giving Tomura his confidence back. The students get to safety and All Might dashes at Tomura, but he’s stopped by Nomu. The two exchange blows for a bit and like any good mastermind Tomura get overconfident and explains that Nomu has the ability of shock absorption to All Might. All Might thanks Tomura and suplexes Nomu into the concrete, hopefully restraining him.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 11 Review

Episode 11

Toasters! Our young heroes are certainly in a sticky situation. Everyone is split up, they can’t reach the main campus, and Aizawa is outnumbered 20 to 1. Young Midoriya, Tsu, and Mineta were able to overcome their first hurdle, but will the rest of the class survive this ordeal? Let’s find out!

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My Hero Academia – Episode 10 Review

Episode 10

Toasters! Let’s pick up right where we left off. A mass unit of villains has suddenly appeared inside USJ. Aizawa, realizing these villains mean business, tells Thirteen to escort the heroes in training to safety. The class wonders why the campus trespasser alarms aren’t going off and the only reasonable explanation is that there must be a villain with the ability to manipulate infrared waves. While coming to this conclusion, the villain group begins their advance on the heroes. Not skipping a beat, Aizawa unravels his capture scarf and dives right into them. Using his quirk erasing ability and his experience of fighting multiple enemies at once, Aizawa impressively holds his own against a multitude of villains and displays why he is one of my favorite heroes in this series.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 9 Review

Episode 9

Toasters! Welcome back to episode 9 of My Hero Academia! Our episode opens as any good episode should, with the press swarming over our heroes. Hordes of journalists descend of U.A. academy trying to get the inside scoop on what All Might is like as a teacher. We see a series of student get questioned by the media and eventually professor Aizawa is questioned, but quickly blows off the press. He walks through the front gates of U.A. academy and the reporters attempt to follow him, but are shut out by the automated U.A. barrier, which puts up a big metal barrier around the school when any unauthorized person tries to enter.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 8 Review

Episode 8

Toasters! After a short recap of last week’s episode, we continue where our battle left off. Bakugou realizes that despite winning the fight, he ultimately lost the war against Midoriya. The hero team wins (Midoriya and Uraraka), Bakugou has his pride shattered, Uraraka becomes incredibly nauseous from using her ability on herself, and Midoriya passes out from the pain and is transported to the nurse’s office. While Midoriya is recuperating in the nurse’s office, All Might tries to pull Bakugou out of the existential crisis he starts to spiral into by reviewing the results of the match with him and the class. All Might names Iida the MVP of the match due to his adaptability and actually doing the objective with forethought. The match is further broken down by Momo Yaoyorozu (one of my favorite heroes in the series), a student that got into U.A. university on a recommendation, where she explains why each student’s actions in the exercise were reckless besides Iida.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 7 Review

Episode 7

Toasters! I hope you’re ready for shōnen overload, because the latest episode of My Hero Academia is dripping with all the shōnen-ness you could hope for, so strap in for this wild ride. Episode 7 opens with a flashback to Midoriya and Bakugou’s childhood. Bakugou was the de facto leader of the group because of his overwhelming self confidence. Midoriya and Bakugou used to be good friend, but after Bakugou’s quirk manifested, he started turning into a jackass who picked on Midoriya because he didn’t have a quirk. After this flashback, we continue where we left off with Midoriya’s and Bakugou’s fight right after Midoriya put Bakugou on his ass, further enraging the already pissed off Bakugou. Midoriya tells Uraraka to go find the bomb while he deals with Bakugou. Following this is a series of skirmishes where Midoriya applies his fanboy knowledge to predict what Bakugou will do next and either dodge or counter his attacks. Bakugou gets wise to this and starts to fight more cautiously, which prevents Midoriya from getting close to attack, so he decides to just run for the time being. Bakugou continues to harbor a deep hatred for Midoriya, since he always used Midoriya supposed quirkless nature to feel superior to him and by proxy everyone else. So when he found out that Midoriya has a quirk, and one that is on par with his own for that matter, it’s started to shatter his illusion of self confidence. Bakugou does not like having low self confidence.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 6

Episode 6a

Toasters! Onward we go into My Hero Academia episode 6! Our episode opens where episode 5 left off, namely Midoriya using One for All at 100% in only his fingertip to launch the ball as far as he can and get the highest score for that section. However, in the process, he absolutely destroyed his finger, causing him a great deal of pain. Bakugou can’t believe that Midoriya has such a powerful quirk that he’s been hiding from him for all these years and charges Midoriya, but is stopped by Aizawa (best teacher). Not very hero-like if you ask me, continuing the series of instances that make you question whether Bakugou will ever truly be a hero. What follows is a montage of the rest of the physical exam, which Midoriya does terrible on due to the overwhelming amount of pain he’s in. After the exam, Aizawa reveals the test results and low and behold, Midoriya is in last place. Surprise, surprise Aizawa was lying about the expulsion and Midoriya breathes a sigh of relief. With that, Midoriya heads to get his finger fixed by Recovery Girl and the rest of the class heads back to their lectures after an earnest moment between Iida, Midoriya, and Uraraka, where Uraraka accidentally convinces Midoriya to go by “Deku.” Deku is the insult that Bakugou calls Midoriya, essentially meaning “useless”.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 5 Review

Episode 5

Toasters! Young Midoriya has made it into U.A. academy and now starts his exciting career as a hero in training. After the opening finishes up, we find ourselves following a nervous Midoriya as meets with All Might before his first big day of hero school. All Might explains to Midoriya that One for All takes time to get used to and that control will come with practice. After their meeting, Midoriya gets ready for his first day. After a short, but wonderful, interaction with his mom (best mom) cheering him on, he sets off. He arrives at his classroom, class 1A, and hopes that Bakugo and Iida are not in his class, but of course they are because this is anime and we need drama. Iida (best boy) immediately apologizes to Midoriya for being a dick to him during the entrance exam. As the two talk, in walks Uraraka in her normal exuberant fashion. Midoriya ekes out hello in his own flabbergasted fashion (he’s not very good with girls), but the group is interrupted by a disheveled man in a sleeping bag lying outside the room. The man essentially tells them to shut the fuck up and to sit down. He goes on to reveal that he is their pro hero homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shota. You will come to love this man. He then tells the students to suit up and go out into the field.

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