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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 49: “Jersey Shore Mafia”

91 Days - 01 - Large 17

Tim’s back to join Carrie and Justin for a discussion of some of the new shows this season, including Sweetness & Lightning, as well as Days (though the amount of Days involved is a subject for debate, apparently). Plus, the Toast Hosts discuss what YOU PEOPLE wanted as well as give a run-down of the last Baltimore-held Otakon!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 7: “You Can (Not) Believe It”


Toast Clan! We stand on the precipice of Episode 7, all about NOSTALGIA. The toast hosts take us through some unusual news stories, pull the trigger on World Trigger, and discuss their favorite series growing up. Tim powers up with Dragonball Z, Carrie wants to be the very best with Pokémon, and Yen wanders into town with Rurouni Kenshin.

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 6: “The War Between Skin and Fabric”


Episode 6 tripped on its way over and landed right on top of you with a FANSERVICE theme! The MoT crew talk about some meaty news, give their thoughts on Rail Wars!, and cover what’s coming up at Anime USA. Tim gets stranded with Cage of Eden, Carrie enjoys butt fruit with Momo Kyun Sword, and Yen reflects on Love Hina.

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