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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 49: “Jersey Shore Mafia”

91 Days - 01 - Large 17

Tim’s back to join Carrie and Justin for a discussion of some of the new shows this season, including Sweetness & Lightning, as well as Days (though the amount of Days involved is a subject for debate, apparently). Plus, the Toast Hosts discuss what YOU PEOPLE wanted as well as give a run-down of the last Baltimore-held Otakon!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 48: “Do NOT Give Me an Exacto Knife”


Carrie and Justin are back to talk about two very different series – Orange, and Mob Psycho 100! The Toast Hosts also look at the latest news in the business, from serious media industry announcements to weird toy stuff to even Willem Dafoe!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 22.5: “Otakon 2015 Wrap-Up”


Tim, Justin and Carrie give their impressions of this year’s Otakon – the good, the meh, and the ugly all included! Plus, the toast hosts discuss what events they went to, including some industry panels, and talk about what needs to happen for Otakon to have one last hurrah in Charm City before taking the trip down the parkway into DC.

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 3: “Otakon Overload”


The week on Mouthful of Toast, the crew gets toasty at Otakon 2014 with tons of news and experiences from the weekend. Carrie digivolves into Cosplaymon, Yen becomes meguca in the Artist Alley, and Tim transforms into a dying, drooling tree after hearing great dubs. And yes, Waka Flocka was at Otakon!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 2: “Space Racism”

Space Racism

Mouthful of Toast kicks off episode 2 with the theme of SURVIVAL. Tim talks about the biggest loser of the zombie apocalypse with I Am a Hero, Yen gets heavy with Now and Then, Here and There, and Carrie isn’t the prey when analyzing Attack on Titan. The Toast Hosts also give their first impressions of Aldnoah.Zero and discuss convention survival tips.

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 1: “Gay Bike Club”


Carrie, Tim, and Yen introduce you to Mouthful of Toast by running late to school you on anime news and series. In this episode, Carrie shares her love of Digimon, Tim explores unfamiliar territory with series like Yowamushi Pedal, and Yen provides a close look at a criminally under-appreciated series, Aku No Hana. We also discuss why we love conventions, the Dashcon disaster, and hype for Otakon.

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