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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 47: “It is Gay and Good”

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Carrie and Nathan are back to start off the summer season in the most magical way possible, with Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE LOVE! The Toast Hosts also give a rundown of the latest news, including SDCC announcements and more! Plus, cat bananas.

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 46: Spring Sendoff


Nathan and Carrie return to break down the highs and lows of the Spring anime season as well as give their first impressions of what they think will be good (and what looks like hot garbage) in the Summer lineup. Plus, the Toast Hosts provide a look at the latest news, ranging from new licensing to weird hamburgers and everything in between!

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Spring Season 2016 Wrap-Up (Nathan Edition)


And so the season ends, not with a whimper, but a legendarily big, colorful bang of the Jojo trinity among others. As usual, I declared I wouldn’t be watching as much this season as last season… and quickly went to prove myself wrong on how much I would end up binging on. What were some of the high points of the season and what were the low? I’m about to tell you! Please remember my personal rating scale: 5 is the average, typically showing no true advancement on any medium with positives and negatives canceling each other out, with 1 and 10 being total extremes on the spectrum. I don’t simply rate a show based on how much I personally enjoyed it! Some shows can be a 6 that I greatly enjoyed, while I can give a 7 to a show that I personally might not be as interested in but has greater artistic merits. With that being said, let’s see what rocked!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 40: “How Bizarre”


Carrie and Justin are back with a new episode and a new show format! The ‘Listener Choice’ is introduced, and kicks off with Future Card Buddyfight DDD, but the Toast Hosts get their own pick with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable! Plus, there’s a ton of news including some major moves in the industry at large!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 30: “What do you people want?”


Carrie and Nathan take on listeners’ questions on this special pre-holiday episode, discussing everything from their dream crossovers to their favorite Hayao Miyazaki films to even their favorite types of bread. Plus, there’s plenty of news this week, including the latest on the Manglobe fiasco and new JoJo part four details!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 28: “They Deened It Up”


Carrie and Justin are here for the annual Toasty Halloween Spooptacular as they discuss some of their favorite (or not) horror stories from anime and manga. Plus, the Toast Hosts give their first impressions of Kagewani and also run down the latest industry news, including some very important JoJo announcements!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 20: “Summer Preview: KEYBOARD SMASH Edition”


Tim and Carrie bid a fond farewell to their favorite shows of the spring anime season while giving an overview of what’s to come for summer. Much to everyone’s surprise, there’s a lot of fanservice involved, so hold on to your pants! The toast hosts also take a look at the latest regarding the perpetually-postponed finale of Blood Blockade Battlefront and Detective Conan!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 18: “Wish Upon the Yoga Mat”


Stretch it out, because this doozy of an episode takes a look at magical girls of all kinds! Carrie, Nathan and Justin give their first impressions of the latest by Gainax, Wish Upon the Pleiades, plus reminisce on their favorite shows in the magical girl genre. The toast hosts also take a look at some interesting dub news as well as at some subtle otaku jewelry!

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