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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 47: “It is Gay and Good”

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Carrie and Nathan are back to start off the summer season in the most magical way possible, with Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE LOVE! The Toast Hosts also give a rundown of the latest news, including SDCC announcements and more! Plus, cat bananas.

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 8: “THIS TOAST WAS MADE FOR ME”


Things get pretty spooky on Episode 8 as the toast hosts delve into the theme of HORROR with first impressions of Parasyte and a closer look at some of their favorite scary manga and anime. Tim butchers another language with Monster, Carrie gets stuck in a time loop with Higurashi, and Yen gets hypnotized by Uzumaki.

“Junji Ito’s Naruto Uzumaki” header image by Geten

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 4: “Hello Furry”


Episode 4 has landed full of news, first impressions of Barakamon, and opinions of various anime studios. Gainax takes the spotlight as Carrie clamps on to Diebuster, Yen blasts off to the Otaku Planet with Otaku no Video, and Tim pops a horner over FLCL.

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