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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 49: “Jersey Shore Mafia”

91 Days - 01 - Large 17

Tim’s back to join Carrie and Justin for a discussion of some of the new shows this season, including Sweetness & Lightning, as well as Days (though the amount of Days involved is a subject for debate, apparently). Plus, the Toast Hosts discuss what YOU PEOPLE wanted as well as give a run-down of the last Baltimore-held Otakon!

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 38: “A Little Bit Deeper”


Carrie and Nathan arrive to discuss some serious WAR business with a very not-serious show called Schwartzesmarken, currently airing this season! Plus, they discuss some war-related shows of actual decent quality, go over the latest news, and – of course – Carrie yells extensively about the latest Digimon Adventure Tri film.

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Mouthful of Toast – Episode 33: “MOVE, KID”


It’s a new year and a new slice for the Toast Hosts! Carrie, Nathan and Justin return to discuss their last show of the Fall season, Young Black Jack, plus go in-depth on some of their favorite Osamu Tezuka series. The hosts also discuss the latest news from the holiday and their plans for the next few weeks (hentai episode, ahoy)!

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