Carrie channels her yuri powers
Though she desperately wishes she was a revolutionary girl, Carrie’s fine to settle for being a Baltimore-born nerd. When she’s not writing something, she’s probably working on a costume somewhere. Carrie has been attending conventions in the mid-Atlantic region since 2002 and somehow isn’t sick of the whole anime thing yet.

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Tim can see you, Joseph Joestar!
A new transfer student?? No, it’s just Tim, a wandering convention nomad since Otakon 2007. Tim resides on the outskirts of Baltimore in a den of One Piece figures and videogames, only emerging for the occasional improv comedy show or cosplay photoshoot. His most easily recognizable features are his Titan-esque height and CLAMP proportions. You can follow him on various social media sites to have your feed blown up by caps-locked excitement.

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Nathan needs some toast imo
A wild Toast Host appears! TRAINER uses Pokeball! Wild Toast Host was caught! TRAINER names Toast Host “Nathan”! Baltimore resident and native, Nathan uses their spare time to sit in a dark corner, watching anime and movies almost like a second religion with only their tower of waifus to keep them company. When not podcasting at night, they are also a nightshift hospital worker… also by night. They are the night. Enjoys long walks on the beach and having their long hair played with.

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Justin enjoys long walks on the beach during the mandatory beach episode, much like his fellow toast host Nathan. But in all seriousness, screw that fun in the sun crap. Justin can normally be found sleeping in a hovel surrounded by video games, anime, and a massive pile of student loan debt. Don’t worry he’s not dead like your favorite ship, he’ll awaken when the spring season rolls around, you better BELIEVE IT!

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